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About Us
-WholesaleToners.com is one of a family of sites under our parent company WholesaleStuff.com. Under construction are other sites from our family:

We intend to design and operate each site with the same guarantees:

"Wholesale Prices, Privacy Protection and Designed for Speed."

The basic design of this site is a result of our dissatisfaction with the state of the Web. We were annoyed with how long it took for most sites to download. Those that are fortunate to have high speed access may not face this frustration but the majority of us that still connect via traditional analog modem speeds of 56K or lower, the wait can be irritating. We also became numb to the excessive amount of advertisements, banners and in-your-face marketing prevalent on many sites. Similar to a pesky salesperson that just won't leave you alone. Lastly, and maybe the most important of all is the lack of respect for a consumer's right of privacy. Outlined below are some of the solutions to address these concerns.

Our core strategy is to combine the best qualities of warehouse club shopping(wholesale prices, quality, no ads) with the best qualities of internet sites(convenience, ease of use) and an ironclad privacy policy to offer a haven for visitors that want a fast, economical, advertisement free, and confidential site.


Since time is such a precious commodity, we are committed to not wasting yours. We have optimized the design and content of each page in order to download as fast as possible. As you navigate the site you will see a minimum of graphics, pictures, flashing lights or whiz-bang effects. What you will see is lots of text, many tables, some colors and only the vital product information all displayed in a straight forward manner. We realize by adopting these methods, some visitors will judge the site to be plain, ordinary, and a bit dull. Of course they would right on all three counts, but it does make for a very fast site.


Is it us or is everybody aware of the alarming lack of privacy in general but particularly on the internet? Companies routinely gather all manner of personal data and track browsing habits for sale to information brokers. What is most troubling is the insidious way some companies gather information without your knowledge or permission. We take a person's right to privacy very seriously. We believe every person has the right to keep their personal data, shopping preferences and browsing habits private. We DO NOT have the right to ask you for that information or to gather that data. We DO NOT have the right to sell, trade or share personal data. Basically we feel all personal data should remain private because it is "None of Our Business". The prime reason a company chooses to trade information is money. Selling personal data is very lucrative and companies use it to increase bottom line profit. Our philosophy is pretty simple, if we need to sell our customers' personal data in order to enhance our profit, then we probably are NOT operating our core business correctly. We choose to focus on building a solid company with sound business principles and not rely on intruding on someone's privacy. We are so determined to protect your privacy, it became an integral part of our company policy.

No Ads

Many sites have home pages that are visually stunning or artistically stylish or mind blowing but it comes at the cost of speed. Granted, it is very entertaining and pleasing to the senses but after the first couple of viewings, it becomes a nuisance to wait for downloads. Our decision to construct our site "Advertisement Free" is really a combination of privacy protection and optimizing for speed. Many sites are cluttered with banners and advertisements cleverly designed to draw your attention. Just remember, the more sophisticated it is the more time it takes to load. By refusing to put any banners or advertisements on our web pages, we have reduced the content to just the essential information which speeds up downloads.
We also think banners and ads are an intrusion to privacy. Our senses are frequently bombarded and we often become distracted when viewing many of these ads. It can even lead us to question; why we came here in the first place? We think it is our responsibility to ONLY offer the most important information and let YOU make the choices without trying to influence your decision one way or the other.


HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.